Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rainy Days and Wednesdays Never Get Me Down

Some of you may ask, “What does a photographer do when it is pouring down rain outside and NO ONE (in their right mind) wants to take pictures?”

Be prepared, my friends, for the scary truth!

We edit other shoots, watch classic childhood movies on Netflix, work on our blog, and get along quite happily, until * strangled sob * our internet goes down!

Why Hermine, Why?!?! I love the rain, but… but… so many plans, so many opportunities on the world wide web… gone…

What does a photographer do?

No one to take pictures of.

No Netflix.

No Blogger.

No Gmail.

No Google.

What do we do without Al Gore’s glorious invention?


We break down a little. Then… 

We knit. 

We crochet. 

We listen to music. 

We drink Chai lattes. 

We snack WAY too much. 

We cuddle with the attention-starved Chihuahua sitting next to us.

We discover, “hmm, this isn’t so bad...”

Then we take pictures of the things we knitted and write a blog post on Word and save it to post later.

Cocoons and pods for babies :)

Hey, I never said I’d go cold turkey!

Mmm… turkey…

I wonder if there’s any in the fridge?

Don’t judge.

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